lunedì 12 novembre 2012

Mystery by Moosscrap Designs

Ecco l'ultimo kit di  Moosscrap's Designs nello shop da oggi: Mystery.
E' un kit sul viola e bianco, magico e misterioso.
Lo trovate con los conto del 25% per 3 giorni!!!.
89 elementi
14 carte
6 wa
I present you the new kit of Moosscrap's Designs, wich is in store today, Mystery. It 's a kit with purple colors with a touch of white, fairy and mysterious..
Come to enjoy 25% off during three days!!

It contains:
89 elements
14 papers
6 wa


Scrap from France

Paradise Scrap


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ed il freebie per voi / This QP freebie is for you:

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  1. Blessings and thanks for this beauthufl gift


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